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Glimpse of Texas Winter Lights

Join us on a delightful journey as we experience the enchanting Texas Winter Lights at Marriott Marquis Houston.

Embracing the Cold Water

Debating about getting into the cold water, Corey weighs the options and eventually embraces the invigorating experience, drawing comparison to the chilly summer pool. It's a refreshing dive into the unknown!

Texas Winter Lights at Marriott Marquis Houston Experience

Explore the Texas-shaped pool and bask in the mesmerizing ambiance. Delight in the water jets and the comfort of a temperature-controlled pool, creating a perfect setting for a serene aquatic adventure.

Marvel at the new and well-decorated apartments in the area, immersing yourself in the unique amenities offered at Marriott Marquis Houston. The heated pool surrounded by impressive decorations amplifies the overall experience.

Johna Embraces an Adventurous Spirit

Johna was asked about how she likes to enjoy herself when she's out of the country. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, engaging in activities like zip lining and cliff jumping. Seek out the most breathtaking and daring experiences, letting the thrill ignite your journey.

Bougie, Ghetto, and Hippie Lifestyle

Reflect on the convergence of lifestyles as the speaker discusses the evolving categories of 'bougie,' 'ghetto,' and 'hippie' and how they transform with age. Delve into the balance of living in different spaces and the essence of diversity within.

Pursuit of Ideal Living Space

Deliberate on the considerations of living spaces when raising children, exploring the dynamics of apartment living versus the traditional house setup. Notice the iInclusion of ice skating and apartments in the area, shaping a wholesome environment.

Holistic Well-being and Advocacy

Engage in a discussion about healing and therapy, embracing the powerful essence of a quartz crystal for healing and protection. Advocate for therapy, especially emphasizing its significance for marginalized communities.


The Texas Winter Lights offer a captivating blend of joy, adventure, and introspection. It's a holistic experience that leaves you with a deeper connection to your surroundings and yourself.

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