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How to Navigate Houston During Beyonce Renaissance Tour

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Stay safe and avoid parking on the streets or in neighborhoods, as it can lead to car theft or damage. Houston is a city where you need to be careful and watch your surroundings. Parking fees at venues and restaurants will likely be high, but it's safer than parking on the streets.

Personal Experience

My back window was smashed at a hookah lounge in Third Ward. Be cautious of parking in insecure areas.

Vigilance is Key

Crooks are targeting careless parkers, so be vigilant. Avoid parking in areas without security to lower the risk of theft. Exercise caution when choosing a parking spot.

Arriving Early at Popular Restaurants

Be on time or arrive early to popular restaurants. Two popular restaurants, Turkey Leg Hut and Breakfast Club, always have long lines. Even without major events, these places are always crowded. Arriving 10-20 minutes early may still result in waiting in line. There may be tents to provide shade in hot weather.

Safety Measures at Crowded Malls

Be careful at crowded malls, as there is a lot of crime in the area. Avoid wearing flashy clothes and be aware of your surroundings. Stay in areas where there are security personnel. Avoid parking or walking in isolated areas.

Exploring Houston's Restaurants and Lounges

Houston has a variety of restaurants and lounges to explore. Forget Me Not, Prospect Park, O2 Lounge, Uptown Hookah Lounge, Nomad, Clutch Bar, Ghost Bar, and more. The Bungalow is a pricey but highly recommended restaurant. For a similar upscale experience, check out Kiss, Juliet's, Ruth Chris, and the Warwick. Joey Uptown is a good restaurant located in the parking lot of the Galleria Mall.

Navigating Traffic and Finding Alternative Routes

Avoid 610 South and 59 South due to heavy congestion during events at NRG Stadium. Consider alternative routes like I-10 or neighborhood streets. Use Google Maps or Waze for navigation assistance. Houston is experiencing a population increase, causing traffic congestion. The city's infrastructure is not adequately prepared for the additional people. It will be challenging to navigate the streets, especially during events like concerts or holidays.

Capture the Beyonce Street Experience

Street in Houston named honorary Beyonce. Take pictures before signs are taken down. Enjoy your weekend in Houston and be safe.

Remember these parking safety tips to protect your car from theft or damage in Houston. Be cautious of insecure areas, exercise vigilance, and choose parking spots wisely. Arrive early at popular restaurants and be aware of safety measures at crowded malls. Explore Houston's diverse dining scene and navigate traffic with alternative routes. And don't miss the honorary Beyonce street experience while you visit Houston. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

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