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Life Update in Houston | Nomad Hookah Lounge

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Lately life seems to have been coming a little faster than it usually does. One thing that I'm trying to learn how to do is roll with the punches and trust my instincts. Recently I've been taking time out to enjoy the feels you get when you first fall in love with someone. It's an incredible feeling of being excited for the future and a little afraid of being hurt all over again.

If you're not a stranger to my social media then you've probably seen the ups and downs I went through in my last relationship. It wasn't too long ago that I was congratulating my ex for graduating flight attendant school. Now she's flying around the world and living a life that has nothing to do with me. So, I'm sure you can understand my reluctance to just tell the world that hey guys I'm doing this again. I took some months to myself to heal and figure out where I'm going in life now that things have changed so much.

Nomad hookah lounge
Nomad hookah lounge

With that said I've chosen to move forward with my life and accept all the beautiful things that come with it. That means that I'm not afraid to venture in to this next chapter with my new girlfriend.

Also I've taken time out to get on top of my marketing business. I've really been taking time out to organize my calendar and follow up with new clients. I finally added and made updates to the Booking tab on my blog. Make sure to check it out if you interested in working with me and seeing what I can do for your business.

Canon Corey at Nomad hookah lounge
Canon Corey at Nomad hookah lounge

Last but not least I've taken time out to enjoy the night life and discover new places to hang out here in my hometown of Houston. This past week I checked out a Rum distillery and a restaurant that makes you feel like you're in a little piece of Tulum. I haven't posted any content from that yet so I'll tell you guys more about that one later.

All in all I have been busy. Not to mention I have new clients booking me every week so it might be time to start expanding and hiring help soon. either way I'll figure it out and keep moving. Hope you guys are enjoying the consistent content. See you in the next post.

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