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Reinventing Myself: The Journey of Self-Reflection and Dedication

How to Reinvent Yourself

Canon Corey at an Airbnb in Puerto Rico
Canon Corey at an Airbnb in Puerto Rico

Reinventing myself was a journey of self-reflection and dedication. I took time to think about my goals, aspirations, and the legacy I want to build. I questioned if I was ready and willing to work hard for the changes. I fully dedicated myself to the process of reinventing myself. To achieve your goals, you need to go all in and be dedicated to change.

Making a Mental Decision to Change

Making a mental decision to want to change is the first step. Developing discipline, starting with hitting the gym, is crucial. The gym teaches life lessons like delayed gratification and perseverance. Having faith and working without instant gratification leads to discipline and humility. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made us accustomed to instant gratification. However, through the process of working hard and not seeing immediate results, discipline is built. Staying focused on the grind, regardless of the lack of visible change, is essential.

Small Daily Goals Lead to Significant Growth

It's important to set daily goals to improve oneself by at least one percent each day. Over time, small improvements compound and lead to significant growth. Consistently going to the gym, like Dynamic, helps develop mental fortitude and resilience. Being determined and focused on one's path despite external distractions brings positive results. The mental benefits of regular exercise are transformative and life-changing. Going to the gym is the number one tool for transforming and reinventing yourself. Physical changes from working out give confidence and attract others. Getting a gym routine and sticking to it is essential for transformation.

Canon Corey in El Salvador with Gold Locs
Canon Corey in El Salvador with Gold Locs

Cutting My Hair: A Major Step in Reinventing Myself

Cutting my hair was a major step in reinventing myself. I have no regrets and love the fade look. Before cutting your hair, make sure it's something you really want to do. Cutting my hair added to my transformation and gave me a clean-cut look. Maintaining a fade is easier compared to maintaining locks. Finding new options and paying fees for retwists was not something I wanted to do anymore.

Canon Corey boat party in Puerto Rico
Canon Corey boat party in Puerto Rico

Building a New Community

Reinventing yourself requires being in a whole new community. Being around the same people makes it difficult to stay reinvented. New people will take you seriously and allow you to become a new person. Entering a new world and getting to know new people is essential. Letting go of bad habits includes letting go of friends who have those habits. Find new friends through Facebook groups. Facebook is still the king of social media platforms for making new connections. Join active Facebook groups to meet new people and have things to do.

Changing Your Environment

Consider moving to a new city or getting a new apartment to reinvent yourself. Moving to a new place can help reinvent. I found an affordable apartment and moved in. It's a whole new living space with endless decorating possibilities. This gives me the opportunity to explore a new neighborhood and try new things. If you're considering reinventing yourself, think about apartment shopping or finding a realtor.

canon corey at a pool party
Canon Corey at a pool party


Reinventing yourself involves changing your appearance, hitting the gym, meeting new people, and living in a new environment. It's a journey of self-reflection and dedication. By making a mental decision to change, setting small daily goals, making physical changes like cutting your hair, building a new community, and changing your environment, you can transform and reinvent yourself. Embrace the process and keep pushing forward, because the results will be worth it.

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